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Echoes of reggae coming through my bedroom wall.
The alternative to real world.
Go through the first 20 songs on your playlist on shuffle. Pick… 
10 01 10
[boosh] srs!vince
Go through the first 20 songs on your playlist on shuffle.
Pick your favourite line from each song (try not to make it one with the title in it).
Post and let people guess what song the lines come from.
Cross out the numbers of the songs when someone guesses correctly.

Be exactly who you want to be
Do what you want to do
I am he and she is she but you're the only you

All that glitters is not gold
All that glitters is not gold
All that glitters is not gold
All that glitters is not gold

Le Tigre - The The Empty

We are different kids with the same heartbeat
We got one pulse running through the streets
They are our arteries

Shine the headlight straight into my eyes
Like the roadkill, I'm paralysed
You see through my disguise

Placebo - Teenage Angst

Ingesting flesh and bone makes me a cannibal
Or am I criminal?
I feel so horrible

Jack Off Jill - Horrible

Three way, freeway, take me like a sailor
Three way, freeway, wanna be a sailor

IAMX - Sailor

Echoes of reggae coming through my bedroom wall
Having a party up next door but I'm sitting here all alone
Two lovers in the bedroom and the other starts to shout
All I got is this blank stare and that don't carry no clout at all

Rancid - Ruby Soho

I woke up weak today and needing your voice
Crawled into the speakers and turned up the volume

Robots in Disguise - Turn It Up

You wanted it all
But you ended up with nothing
Ain't that something?

Drink a glass of water, you're drinking acid rain
Take a deep breath, pollution in your brain
You try to eat healthy but chemicals don't lie

Do you like my ponytail?
I do! I do!

Fashion is for fashion people
It's hard to be cool if you don't follow these rules
Fashion is for fashion people
Get out there now and break the rules

Awakened by alarm, fifteen minutes of hygiene
Twenty minutes of eating, thirty seconds to the door

Look what I've built
It shines so beautifully
Now watch as it destroys me

It's not grief if you can see through the source of it
It's only true if you're bruised by the force of it

Murder murder murder
Someone should be angry
The crime of the century
Who shot little Bambi?

I'd like to start a band with you
I'll sing and you can learn to play the tambourine

So, take it to the stage in a multicoloured jacket
Take it jackpot, crackpot, strutting like a peacock
Nailvarnish Arkansas, shimmy-shammy featherboah
Crackpot, haircut, dye your hair in glowing red and blue

The Ark - It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane

They're not pom-pom dancing giggling girls
They're hardcore fun bunny maniacs

It echoes in my brain
I didn't mean it
Pulses through my veins
I didn't mean it
I'm the one to blame
I didn't mean it
Did too much cocaine
I didn't mean it

Placebo - Slackerbitch
10 01 10 (UTC)
3. Le Tigre - The The empty
4. Placebo - Teenage angst
5. Jack off Jill - Horrible
6. IAMX - Sailor?
8. Robots in Disguise - Turn it up
18. The Ark - It takes a fool to remain sane <3
20. Placebo - Slackerbitch
11 01 10 (UTC)

You knew so many of them! :)
10 01 10 (UTC)
7. Rancid - Ruby Soho
11 01 10 (UTC)
Yeah, that's true! :)

I was sure that you would have guessed #13 too!
13 01 10 (UTC)
There's a very good chance that I know the song, but not the lyrics because they're probably too slurred to be understood by me haha.
13 01 10 (UTC)
That's a very good point.
13 01 10 (UTC)
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