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Echoes of reggae coming through my bedroom wall.

The alternative to real world.


I need these tags like stabs in the heart
I'm a doll, I'm a witch, I'm a peach, I'm a bitch
CAPSLOCK, 28 days later, afi, alphabetical order, baileys, being a geek, berlin, bikini kill, blaqk audio, breakfast on pluto, british accents, british comedy, brody dalle, cherries, common rider, cool tattoos, correct grammar, courtney love, crimping, dee plume, desmond dekker, dexter, donnie darko, drinking alcohol, drinking tea, electro, equal rights, everything shiny, fake eyelashes, fancy coffees, fangirling, feminism, flamboyance, foxboro hot tubs, free food, free stuff, getting no sleep, getting very drunk, ghost world, give 'em the boot, glam rock, green day, hellcat records, horrorpops, house md, iamx, ima robot, jack off jill, jamaica, jeffree star, jimmy cliff, julian barratt, kathleen hanna, languages, larry is dead, lars and the bastards, lars frederiksen, laughing inwardly, le tigre, less guilt more booze, libraries, london, lushotology, making lists, metric, military boots, mixtapes, mohawks, money money 2020, naiv. super., neon colors, never mind the buzzcocks, noel fielding, obsessing, operation ivy, outrageous clothing, paper journals, peaches, pieces of rainbow, piercings, placebo, plaid pants, psych, punk, queer as folk, rainbows, rancid, red lipstick, reggae, richard ayoade, riot grrrl, robots in disguise, russell brand, sex pistols, shiny cowboy boots, shoplifting, simon pegg, six feet under, ska, ska punk, sneaker pimps, speaking multiple languages, spelling my interests correctly, spinnerette, starbucks, stealing lj interests, stealing shit, stupid bunny suits, stupid man suits, sue and the unicorn, sue denim, supermodel robots, surrealism, sylvia plath, the ark, the casualties, the clash, the distillers, the it crowd, the mighty boosh, the network, the smiths, the soviettes, the specials, this is an outrage!, tim armstrong, transplants, travelling, unicorns, unnatural hair colors, weird haircuts, x-ray vision